The Community Access Program (CAP) enables members of the public to undertake academic subjects outside a normal degree structure, offering access to tertiary study at the University of Melbourne for a diverse cross-section of the community.

You may choose to study as an assessed or non-assessed student. Assessed CAP students undertake the same subject workload and assessment as award course students and receive a formal academic record of their study. Non-assessed CAP students attend lectures and follow subject reading programs.

Please note that CAP students attend the same classes as other enrolled students and subjects are not usually taught outside normal business hours. Please check subject timetable information prior to enrolment to ensure that you are able to attend all lectures and tutorials.

If you are considering future degree study in the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, CAP also provides a useful way to 'test the water' in one or more subject areas. While there is no guarantee of selection into degree or diploma courses via CAP, it is possible to use assessed CAP subjects as the basis of selection, either to demonstrate academic merit if previous results were not sufficient for selection or as a recognised equivalent to VCE.

How and when to apply for CAP

Important dates for CAP studies and the application form are available here.

Music CAP fees

The fee for individual assessed subjects is determined by the discipline of the subject, as well as the number of credit points the subject is allocated. Also, different fees are applicable for Undergraduate and Postgraduate level Music subjects.

For fee information see the University's Subject Fee Calculator for Australian Fee Places.

CAP Assessment and Credit

If you enroll in CAP as an 'assessed' student, you complete the same academic workload (essays, assignments, exams) as students who are taking the subject as part of a degree or diploma course, and you are entitled to request an academic transcript. CAP also provides a 'non-assessed' study option if you do not wish to take on the demands of academic assessment. Non-assessed students attend lectures and follow a course-specific reading program.

If you undertake subjects for assessment through CAP and subsequently gain admission to an award course at the University, you may be eligible to apply for credit for the subjects you have successfully completed.

More information on CAP can be found here.