Girls Do Jazz 2019

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Want to be inspired, get more involved in the world of jazz and improvised music, foster relationships with emerging and established musicians, engage with a likeminded creative community and develop your musical skills and career path through informal performances, rehearsals and discussions?

Girls Do Jazz aims to address the gender imbalance in jazz music by giving young students an opportunity to hear, interact, converse, and perform with women who are following professional pathways in jazz and improvised music. Workshop sessions will incorporate a repertoire of blues, jazz standards, modal playing,  original tunes and free improvisation.

How to apply

Essential Information 
The course is suitable for 15-20 year old female and gender-non-conforming students instrumentalists with an interest in jazz and improvisation and those intending to audition for Jazz & Improvisation at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music in the future.

Workshop  Dates 


UoM staff & Students