SAF Music Provident Fund


SAF Music Provident funds can be accessed by BMus Jazz and Improvisation and Interactive Composition students to provide for purposes incidental to their study, up to the value of $250. 

Suitable purposes include:

  • software
  • instrument purchase or repairs
  • scores, text books
  • musician earplugs
  • recording devices
  • conference or festival registration. 

These funds cannot be used for the hire of people, for example:

  • lessons
  • accompanists
  • associate artists or crews

The Dean will approve the recipients. Students can only receive a SAF award once during their candidacy.


Students may apply for up to $250.

Open and closing dates

Applications are now closed and will reopen on the third week of March, 2020. Applicants can expect to receive an emailed outcome in May.

Criteria and eligibility

The SAF is awarded annually to students of music (Jazz and Improvisation and Interactive Composition students only).

Selection process

All applications will be presented to the selection panel. Please note, due to the number of applications, not all will be automatically approved.

Additional requirements

Payments will be made upon acceptance of this fund.  No receipts or thankyou letter is required for payment. If not accepted within 4 weeks, however, the offer will be withdrawn and reallocated.

How to apply

Refer to the Open and Closing Dates section above for the application link. The link will only be visible during the application period.

The application will require personal information, including course and year level, and some questions addressing the selection criteria listed above. You will be required to attach some documents, such as CV and academic transcript and, where relevant, there will be the option to include any support material that gives weight to your application. Where financial need is a consideration, you'll also be asked to provide an estimate of your budget for the year ahead.