Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship


The Jim Marks postgraduate scholarship is provided to support currently enrolled graduate students in any discipline taught at the Faculty ofFine Arts and Music.


The total value of scholarships offered will be approximately $6,500. Multiple scholarships will be offered.

Open and closing dates

Applications are now closed. Applicants can expect to receive an outcome by the end of May. It will be next open for application in March 2020. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

Criteria and eligibility

This scholarship is open for award to currently enrolled graduate students in any discipline taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, and can demonstrate financial need. Applicants will be asked to put forward a project or funding proposal relating to their artistic practice.  

Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend a short (15 minute) interview to further discuss their proposal. Interviews will take place in the afternoon on Tuesday 14 May, 2019 (between 12 and 2.30PM).  You are expected to bring any relevant materials to share with the panel.  If you have a video you wish them to view please ensure you email it to the Scholarships Office in the days before your interview so that the panel have the opportunity to give it attention.  Applicants can expect to receive an outcome by the end of May.

Selection process

Applications will be assessed by the selection committee on the basis of:

  • artistic and merit, as demonstrated by previous academic achievement (VCE or equivalent; other tertiary results) and CV; 
  • career aspirations (addressed through questions in the application process); 
  • travel and/or project plan (outlining project/teacher/masterclass/tertiary intentions; detailed budget requirements; letters of support; etc); and
  • likely success in completing the proposed project/benefitting from the travel plan (addressed through questions in the application process). 

Short listed applicants will be asked to attend an audition interview, where their project or funding proposal will be assessed. 

The Dean, on the recommendation of the graduate committee, will approve the receipients, who will be notified via email of the outcome. All other unsuccessful receipients will be emailed.

Previous successful projects

Examples of previous successful projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Contribute towards post production costs of an independent film
  • Attend a summer school
  • Travel overseas to collect source material
  • Training with Musicians without borders
  • Fund a duo to tour and provide workshops in SE Asia
  • Contribute towards a production shoot, including hire a make up artist, sound recordist, transport and catering
  • Travel  to enhance scholarly networks
  • Travel to present papers and work on collaborative projects

Additional requirements

To accept this scholarship, successful recipients are required to write a letter of thanks and provide an artistic biography for the donors or trustees. On occasion recipients will be contacted to provide a progress report.

How to apply

Refer to Open and closing dates above for the application link. The link will only be visible during the application period.

The application will require personal information, including course and year level, and some questions addressing the selection criteria listed above. You will be required to attach some documents, such as CV and academic transcript and, where relevant, there will be the option to include any support material that gives weight to your application. Where financial need is a consideration, you'll also be asked to provide an estimate of your budget for the year ahead.