Learning outcomes

  • Introduces you to practice-led research skills and develops your capacity for devising, defining and managing a major music project
  • Achieve a high standard of musical development through a dedicated fourth year of study
  • Develop strong knowledge and understanding of your specialisation area
  • Obtain a key pathway to graduate research programs in music

Course Description

The Bachelor of Music (Honours) is an intensive and highly specialised one-year program designed to round off your undergraduate learning in music. The program prepares you for entry into the music profession and creates a direct pathway to graduate coursework and research opportunities in music. Students choose from one of the following specialisations: Music Performance, Composition, Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Jazz & Improvisation and Interactive Composition. You can also apply for a Tailored Program Bachelor of Music (Honours) program.

Under the guidance of your supervisor, you engage in independent research to produce a major creative work, or series or works, and a related research paper. You are introduced to practice-led research skills and will develop your capacity for devising, defining and managing a major project. 

Tailored Program
In the Tailored Program you can design your own course of study according to your musical strengths, interests and vocational aspirations. Choose from an array of subjects, including academic electives, performance-based subjects, introductions to composition and music analysis, career preparation subjects that equip you with arts administration and management skills (including an internship), and a project-based subject that provides a capstone experience.

Music Performance
The Music Performance specialisation focuses intensively on solo and ensemble-based performance development and activity. The core performance components of the program allow for repertoire enrichment and sophisticated development in your technique and musical depth, assessed through public performance.

In the Composition specialisation you will advance your compositional skills and personal voice through a deep engagement with the discipline. Your compositional projects will range from writing a duo to an orchestral work, and the course culminates in a concert presentation of your own works. Elective choices include opportunities to work directly with Conservatorium ensembles.

Musicology and Ethnomusicology
Through these specialisations you will conceive, plan and execute a substantial research project that demonstrates your capacity to think originally and independently within the chosen area of musicology or ethnomusicology. Your project will demonstrate a command of the writings at the forefront of your chosen field and show your ability to apply musicology or ethnomusicology research methodologies. You’ll also undertake a professional project and a number of advanced academic electives.

Jazz & Improvisation
The Jazz & Improvisation specialisation is for students who have completed an undergraduate music course at the University of Melbourne or equivalent studies at another institution. It allows those who are involved in  diverse modes of Jazz and Improvisation performance to immerse themselves in a practice-based, major creative project. The program culminates in a project outcome such as a live performance, and/or completion of a full CD and/or folio of new creative work. This is accompanied by a dissertation.

Interactive Composition
This specialisation allows those that are involved in commercially driven modes of music making with sound and other media, to immerse themselves in a practice-based major creative project. The program culminates in a project outcome such as a live installation event or folio of new creative work. This could include music and sound for film and animation, dance, theatre, advertising or games. This is accompanied by a dissertation. 

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