Musicology at the Conservatorium has a long and distinguished history. Today this area includes a graduate specialist program with an undergraduate pathway.   

Photo: Ponch Hawkes.

Musicology at the Conservatorium

Musicologists research the history of music. We use diverse primary sources—newspapers, letters, diaries, concert programs, and more—to situate musicians and listeners within rich historical and social contexts.

At the Conservatorium, musicology is an interdisciplinary area with longstanding links to the wider humanities at the University of Melbourne, as well as with the Grainger Museum and Lyrebird Press. It sponsors a distinguished speaker series and organises weekly postgraduate seminars, and is closely allied with ethnomusicology and popular music studies.

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Undergraduate Bachelor of Music students can apply to major in musicology, taking a guided program of specialised study that leads to a written dissertation on a topic of their choosing. Students develop knowledge and expertise that provides a basis for independent critical enquiry and research-based writing, as well as the ability to understand and present complex concepts. Graduate student study options include the Graduate Diploma (by coursework) and research higher degrees (MMus and PhD).

Undergraduate students from other areas of the University can learn about Western art music and popular music styles through related Breadth study subjects such as Music and Politics, Music and Film, and Rock Music.

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Gerard van Honthorst, 'The concert' (1623). Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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