Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award


The Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award is made annually to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to music in Australia. The award honours the contribution to music in Australia, and overseas, made by the late Sir Bernard Heinze (1894  -1982). Heinze was a musician and conductor who was committed to the public performance of music. For 31 years he was the Ormond Professor of Music at the University of Melbourne.

The Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award recipient receives a medallion and a monetary prize.


  • 1986                 Ruth Alexander                         Music Educator, AYO co-founder
  • 1987                 Sir Frank Callaway                   Music Educator and administrator
  • 1988                 Malcolm Williamson                Composer
  • 1989                 Patrick Thomas                         Conductor
  • 1990                 Beryl Kimber                              Violinist and violin teacher
  • 1991                 John Hopkins                             Conductor and administrator
  • 1992                 Leonard Dommett                     Violinist, conductor and teacher
  • 1993                 Peter Sculthorpe                       Composer
  • 1994                 Yvonne Kenny                           Soprano
  • 1995                 Richard Mills                             Conductor and composer
  • 1996                 Jan Sedivka                                 Violinist and teacher
  • 1997                 Donald Hazelwood                  Violinist and concert master
  • 1998                 Richard Gill                                Conductor and music educator
  • 1999                 Don Burrows                              Jazz and swing musician
  • 2000                 John Curro                                  Violist, conductor and music director
  • 2001                 John Painter                                Cellist
  • 2002                 Stephen McIntyre                     Pianist
  • 2003                 Graeme Koehne                        Composer and music educator
  • 2004                 Richard Divall                           Conductor and musicologist
  • 2005                 Richard Tognetti                       Violinist, composer and conductor
  • 2006                 Graham Abbott                         Conductor, music presenter
  • 2007                 Barry Tuckwell                          Horn
  • 2008                 Richard Bonynge                     Conductor and pianist
  • 2009                 Brett Dean                                  Composer, violinist and conductor
  • 2010                 Simone Young                           Conductor
  • 2011                 Carl Vine                                     Composer
  • 2012                 Roger Covell                              Musicologist, critic and author
  • 2013                 John Williams                            Guitarist
  • 2014                 Anne Boyd                                  Composer and music educator
  • 2015                 Margaret Kartomi                    Ethnomusicologist and music educator
  • 2016                 Mary Vallentine                        Music Administration   
  • 2017                 Ronald Farren Price                Pianist, music educator and adjudicator
  • 2018                 Judy Bailey                                   Jazz pianist and educator

The recipient of the Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award is presented a bronze medallion cast with the recipient's name.  The medallion shows a profile of Sir Bernard Heinze and is sculpted by Michael Meszaros.  

Michael Meszaros has lived as a full time sculptor in Melbourne since 1970. He originally learned his skills from his father, Andor, also a professional sculptor and medallist. Michael qualified as an architect at the University of Melbourne, but after being awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1969 to study medallic sculpture in Rome, he continued his career as a sculptor. Since then he has completed many hundreds of medals, portrait, commissioned and for exhibition. Michael has also produced a considerable number of major public sculptures around Melbourne, interstate and overseas, and many other commissioned and exhibition works. He has medals in many local and international collections, including 17 works in the British Museum, and has won major prizes for his medals in Europe and the USA.

How to apply

The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, on the recommendation of a committee known as The Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award Committee, is authorised, on behalf of the University, to make each award.