Harold Fisher Memorial Opera Scholarship


The Harold Fisher Memorial Opera Scholarship is offered by B'Nai B'rith Victoria. The late Harold Fisher was a long-standing member of B'nai B'rith and a Past President of District 21 – Australia/New Zealand. One of his greatest passions was opera. After his death, B'nai B'rith Victoria decided to honour his memory by establishing a scholarship for a classical music student at the Faculty. The scholarship is awarded to enable the recipient to further their training in Opera. UPDATE FOR 2018: Audition process currently under discussion.  (Applicants will be shortlisted, and those progressing to the next round will be asked to attend an audition at the Southbank campus between 12-4PM on Monday 24th September 2018.)  


The total value of the Harold and Erika Fisher Memorial Scholarship in 2018 is expected to be $1000.

Open and closing dates

Apply here for this scholarship.  Applications will close at 11.59PM Monday 20 August 2018.  Shortlisting will be expected to take place in early September and the final decision will be made at the audition, 24th September (UPDATE; The audition process is under review and may not occur).  

Criteria and eligibility

This scholarship is open for award to undergraduate honours or higher level classical singing music students enrolled in the Faculty.  

Selection process

UNDER REVIEW: Shortlisted applicants will be contacted with the 2018 arrangements.

Applications will be assessed by the criteria above, in addition to student's previous results attained. Music staff will shortlist for the panel, and a selection panel will make their decision based upon the performance of the shortlisted applicants at audition on Monday 24th September 2018.  Please do not apply if you will not be able to attend the audition as it will not be rescheduled.  An accompanist, David Barnard,  will be provided. Shortlisted applicants are requested to present three short classical pieces for the panel (music from their final recital that best suits the applicant's vocal range and technical ability), including one Italian work.  Shortlisted applicants will also be questioned at the interview/audition as to their musical intentions and need for financial assistance.

Additional requirements

To accept this scholarship, successful recipients are required to write a letter of thanks and provide an artistic biography for the donors or trustees. On occasion recipients will be contacted to provide a progress report.

How to apply

Refer to the Open and Closing Dates section above for the application link. The link will only be visible during the application period.

The application will require personal information, including course and year level, and some questions addressing the selection criteria listed above. You will be required to attach some documents, such as CV and academic transcript and, where relevant, there will be the option to include any support material that gives weight to your application. Where financial need is a consideration, you'll also be asked to provide an estimate of your budget for the year ahead.