Faculty Graduate Student Assistance Grants (FGSAG)


Faculty Graduate Student Assistance Grants are provided to assist students enrolled in selected graduate courses offered by the Faculty, by providing or making available grants up to $500 for various purposes incidental to their study.

For 2017 you must be enrolled in a graduate course of either;


Jazz & Improv or Interactive Composition

Film and TV

Conservatorium (other than J&I/IC)

Music Theatre




OR be an indigenous student enrolled in ANY graduate course at Faculty of Fine Arts and Music


Suitable purposes include:

  • software
  • books
  • instrument repairs
  • scores
  • musician earplugs
  • jazz/tap shoes
  • specialist dance clothing
  • yoga mats
  • recording devices
  • conference registration. 

These funds cannot be used for the hire of people, for example:

  • lessons
  • accompanists
  • associate artists
  • crew


Students may apply for up to $500.

Open and closing dates

Applications are closed. 

Criteria and eligibility

This scholarship is open for award annually to students enrolled in postgraduate diploma, master or doctorate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Selection process

The Dean will approve the recipients. All applications will be presented to the selection panel. Please note, due to the number of applications, not all will be automatically approved. Each discipline would receive a quota of grants available, based on the ratio of students to total Faculty student numbers. 

Additional requirements

On receipt of this grant, receipts must be presented to the Scholarships Officer for reimbursement. Payments will not be made in advance, and must be for purchases made between January 1 and November 1 2017 (for 2017 grants). Please note, the cut off day for submission of receipts for this round of grants is November 1 2017 - if you receive a grant in 2017, you will not be eligible to claim it after this date.

How to apply

Online applications are now closed. You'll be asked to provide your personal information, including course and year level, a summary of how you intend to use the funds and how they are incidental to your study, and if you are claiming a purchase already made, you can upload a copy of the receipt.