Learning outcomes

On completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Apply the best practices of local, national and international standards in their professional performance in their chosen specialisation;
  • Pursue an informed program of independent further study in their chosen area of specialisation in music;
  • Provide leadership in the profession in their chosen area of specialisation in music;
  • Use current technologies and assimilate the potential of emerging technologies to facilitate and heighten the dissemination of skills, knowledge and information;
  • Value and participate in projects requiring team-work.

On completion of the Composition stream, students will have:

  • Developed compositional skills and techniques to a professional level;
  • Clarified a personal stylistic and philosophical rationale;
  • Developed a greater understanding and knowledge of the professional world of composition.

Course Description

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music has proposed major changes to the Master of Music by research courses currently offered. If this change is approved, the Master of Music courses by research will become one course: the Master of Music (Research). For most discipline areas this will not change the course entry requirements, nor will it change the actual courses. We are doing this to simplify our course offerings and make it easier to distinguish research Masters from coursework Masters. If you have already applied for entry to a research Masters in 2019, your application will be assessed and it is likely offers will be for the new course.

The Master of Music (Composition) is a research degree which prepares students for a career in composition. As a student in this course you will be given supervision and guidance to produce a folio of original compositions.

The folio will be made up of a minimum of two original compositions, in different media, of 50 minutes in duration. You will also produce a CD recording of a performance of at least one work written during the period of candidature. Candidates will receive regular individual lessons and will participate in composition-related activities, including a weekly Composition Seminar and Postgraduate Seminar. Students may alternately undertake a combination of folio and minor thesis (of an equivalent total) with permission of the course coordinator.

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