Learning outcomes

  • Tailor a program of academic, theoretical or practical music study based on your interests
  • Gain a music qualification alongside your undergraduate degree in another field

Course Description

The Diploma in Music provides the opportunity to further your musical training or explore areas of academic and practical interest in music, while gaining a music qualification alongside your undergraduate studies in another field.

The program can be tailored, depending on your interests, and provides access to the full range of Conservatorium curriculum. 

For students interested in music performance, the diploma allows you to take 45 minute instrumental or vocal lessons with our world class performance staff, or to choose from any combination of practical, ensemble and elective subjects. For students interested in music history, non-western music, jazz & improvisation, interactive composition or other areas of academic interest in music, the program allows access to the wide range of Conservatorium subjects in these areas.

You study the course alongside Bachelor of Music students, allowing you to build valuable friendships and networks in a challenging musical environment. 

At the conclusion of the course, students taking practical subjects will have acquired advanced practical abilities comparable (at a minimum) with the end of the second year of the Bachelor of Music course. Students taking academic subjects will have completed the equivalent to a major in music studies.

You can commence the diploma at the beginning of your degree, or at any time up to the start of your final year. Later entry may require prior completion of music breadth subjects and will extend the duration of your enrolment beyond the three years of your bachelors degree.

The Diploma in Music is available to students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design or Science. 


Enrolment in ensembles or other practical music subjects is subject to confirmation by audition. You can enrol in auditioned ensemble subjects on the basis of the recommended performance standard, but will need to successfully meet audition requirements before your enrolment can be confirmed. If you are not enrolling in practical music subjects, no audition is required for entry into the Diploma in Music.


An audition is required for the practical subject MUSI10020 Practical Music 1.  Please see the Auditions and Interviews tab for further information.

Auditions are required for the following ensemble subjects:

  • University of Melbourne Orchestra 1
  • University of Melbourne Orchestra 2
  • Wind Symphony Orchestra
  • Concert Band (Wind Symphony Orchestra 2)
  • Melbourne Big Band
  • String Ensemble


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